Is the only extrusive igneous rock which presents a natural surface and which has been used by the ancient Assyrian Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations for sculptures and architectural works thanks to its beauty and hardness.
Walking on an 260-millions of year-old solidified lava flow in Porphyr of Trentino is an unique experience. The elegance of its colourings ranging from grey to brown, red and purple, including many other shades, creates a play of colours, Those of the autumn of Trentino, which allow the creation of unique and unrepeatable works of art.
Modern architecture benefits from the use of this material in order to customize open spaces and to lend the buildings a “base” of functionality and decoration.
Used in many urban and architectural spaces, Porphyr of Trentino matches easily the styles of many countries. Thanks to the different working techniques, many uses of the rock are possible.
From the quarrying and the working of Trentino Porphyr we can obtain cubes, irregular shaped tiles, split tiles, kerbstones, small blocks, coarse tiles, ashlar, steps and coping stones, which are then divided by thickness and size. With a subsequent processing we can have sawn, semi polished, polished and flamed material.
Furthermore, it’s possible to realize products tailored to any kind of the environment, both private and urban.
The respect of the environment in the quarrying processing of this valuable natural stones is one of our priority goals, The quarrying takes places after a careful planning and it’s dependent on the public approval of numerous government bodies and in full observance.

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