14 cubetti - Pflaster      11 Cubetti - Pflaster      Cubetti marmo (Ita) - Carrara Pflaster (DE) 

Pave roads, squares, pedestrian areas, sidewalks, avenues of gardens; They are produced in standard sizes 4/6, 6/8, 8 / 10,10 / 12 and 14/18 cm.

Polygonal slabs

Lastrame (Italia) - Polygonalplatten (De)      Lastrame (ITA) - Polygonalplatten (DE)       lastrame porfido

Used for the paving of sidewalks, patios, driveways, pedestrian walk, gardens. Product in the following types:

  • – thin with size ranging from ca. 15 to 40 cm in diameter and thickness from ca. 1 to 3 cm
  • – normal with variable size from ca. 15 to 50 cm in diameter and thickness from 2 to 5 cm
  • – giant with variable size from ca. 30 to 70 cm of diameter and thickness from 3 to 7 cm
  • – giant thin with variable size from ca. 30 to 70 cm of diameter and thickness from 2 to 4 cm

Custom made products

Special products 3      Special products 2      Special products 1

Small bricks

Smolleri (IT) - Riemchen Verkleidung (DE)     Smolleri (IT) - Riemchen (DE)      SMOLLERI 1

The smolleri by coating, laid one on the other for coating walls, pillars, walls, have an aesthetic function;
Those paving, laid in the coast, are very useful for streets on steep slopes and access ramps to the garages.

Binders and kerbstone

71-Cordoni---Kantensteine      Binderi (IT) - Binder-Schalensteine (Ger)      Cordoni (Ita) - Kantensteine-Leistensteine (DE)

Employed for the containment of pavings of any kind. Usually acting as a frame to mark sidewalks, yards, roadsides. Used for the median formation of flower beds and gardens.


102 -Sassi da muro (IT) - Bossensteine-Mauersteine (DE)      100 sassi da muro tranciati - Mauersteine      101 Sassi da Muro - Mauersteine maschinell gespalten

Rustications, with depth over 15 cm, is suitable for the construction of embankments of the river beds, for retaining walls and containment. The veneer, with depths of up to a maximum of 15 cm, is used for coating and embellishment

Quarry floor tiles with natural cleft coasts

Piastrelle a spacco (IT) - Bodenplatten Kanten Handbekantet (DE)    Piastrelle a spacco (IT) - Bodenplatten Handbekantet (DE)    Piastrelle spacco (IT) - Bodenplatten Handbekantet (DE)

Used in architecture for restorations generally. As reason functional furniture in town centers, for squares, roads, arcades and pavements. Produced in sizes 10 to 40 cm in length, square or as a fixed amount; thickness from 2 to 6 cm.

Quarry floor tiles with natural edges sawn

Piastrelle coste segate (ITA) - Bodenplatten mit Kanten gesaegt (D)      40 Piastrelle coste segate - Bodenplatten mit Kanten Gesaegt - rosso Ceola       43 Piastrelle coste segate - Bodenplatten mit Kanten gesaegt

Used for floors and exterior cladding and interior. Produced in standard sizes such as tiles with cleft coasts.

Floor tiles with flamed edges sawn

Piastrelle fiammate (IT) - Bodenplatten geflammt (DE)      Piastrelle-fiammate      Piastrelle-fiammate-2
Indicate both for internal and external when you need thickness and reduced weight such as the paving of terraces and balconies. The thickness choice from 1.3 cm to 2 cm is uniform and suitable to be pasted. On request, the flamed can be brushed to obtain a surface that has a pleasant feeling “velvety” feel. Treatment indicated for internal works.

Polished tiles and semi-polished

Especially recommended for flooring and interior trim of buildings of prestige.

Steps, Covers

Gradini-Copertine (ITa) Trittstufen-Abdeckplatten (DE)     Gradini-Copertine (IT) Trittstufen-Abdeckplatten (Ger)     Gradini-Copertine (ITA) Trittstufen-Abdeckplatten (D)

Steps and covers, floor quarry natural or flamed. Steps used to coat stairs to match the raised covers for external walls. They are also provided in size with massive processing coasts of choice: cut, flare or vent.