Who we are

The De Zanet Italian, company belonging to the corporate group of the family Gottardi, is engaged in the extraction, processing and marketing of porphyry since 1974.

The company has always stood for providing quality materials and thanks to this commitment, exports 80% of its products.

The De Zanet Italian is also a supplier of porphyry called “Red Ceola” extracted in the quarry owned by the Gottardi family in town Ceola Giovo in the Val di Cembra. It is a unique material that is distinguished from all the other products of porphyry for the peculiarities of color and for the natural plane that make it absolutely appreciated for any application, especially for pedestrian surfaces.

We also offer materials that combine well with the porphyry as other natural stones, granites and marbles in various formats such as plates, cubes, cobblestone.
Photo gallery pictures tell more than words, and surely you will find ideas to decorate your home and your garden.